Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Planning the representation

HO Wing Kit Chem. teacher
CHIN Po Ho Phy. teacher

In designing the representation, we should consider:

1. We find a topic in Chem. or Phy. that theories can be illustrated by visual display. By a good picture, students can learn the idea and concept of how the forces act on the body and its subsequence motion within a small area.

2 The representation should be interactive such that students can explore the information work with information and draw their own conclusions rather than watching a lot of pictures.

2 Minimize text and provide more experimental rather than instructive experience for students.

Brain storming Ideas

1 Organic structure
Show the structure of organic compound. As adding the number of carbon atom, the molecule below greater and the structure become more complex, this structure can be only show by visual display. By adding carbon number, students can explore the variation of the carbon arrangement and naming system


Blogger Maximilian Wat said...


If you choose the idea of demonstrating how a force can affect the motion of a small object, students can make use of the virtual environment to manipulate the parameters and visualize the effects.

The parameters will be the direction and magnitude of the external force(s). The initial motion of the object will also be considered. It'll be a nice visual.

1:14 PM  
Blogger chin said...

Thank you for your idea. This will add into our choice of final assignment.

3:24 AM  

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