Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reflection and comment on task 2 atmosphere

15 June 2006
Reflection and comment on Task 2 Atmosphere.

After watching the visual displays on Atmosphere of classmates, I have some learning and reflection form my classmates.

The matters should be improved on my work:
1 The out-looking of my work should be improved. It is totally unattractive. My skill in visual design should be improved.

2 Do not include too much information in the picture. Use multi pictures to illustrate different information, rather than include all information in a single picture.

3 Compare the size of atmosphere and Earth, as atmosphere is a part of Earth.

4 Make it interactive if my skill in Flash is improved.

On the other, I have some suggestion to my classmates; I think the following could help them to present the information correctly.

1 Scale is always matter. Although we could not draw in correct scale, as radius of Earth is 6400km while the thickness of atmosphere is 500km. We should at least draw Earth larger than the atmosphere and the thickness of different layers of atmosphere in correct order.

2. What is the meaning of 10 km height and 500 km height? I have put a airplane in Troposphere and a space shuttle in space. This can help readers to understand what usual happen in that attitude.

3 Bear in mind the focus you want to draw. Some attractive visual works make me think about Solar system.

4 Information really matters.
Visuals can communicate complex ideas with clarity, precision, efficiency and convey the most knowledge in the shortest time in the small space.
~ Tufte (1983)

Do not miss the information you want to tell.


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