Sunday, June 04, 2006

Reflection on Session 1 (26 May 2006)

Reflection on Session 1 (26 May 2006)

Visuals can communicate complex ideas with clarity, precision, efficiency and convey the most knowledge in the shortest time in the small space.
~ Tufte (1983)

The session focuses on the power of visual display to communicate, to present, to teach. A lot of information in can be presented a small screen space. Technology and Interactivities make it possible to create powerful visual displays. In PowerPoint, a lot of examples are displayed to illustrate this idea.

I am not quite sure visual display can present complex data precisely, as most of precise data is presented in data book. However, in Physics teaching, we really use a lot of visual display to illustrate complex theories. For example, we make a photo of how the light way pass though a convex lens, rather than say “When a light ray go direct to the center of the lens, the reflected ray is not deflected.”

By a good picture, students can learn the idea and concept of how the forces act on the body and its subsequence motion within a small area. By word, it could be serve paragraphs.

Visual display can also help understanding; .As a student read the picture and understanding the idea directly. If he has to read paragraphs, he will have to “translate the words into concept”.

As a teacher I would like to learn more about how visual display and interactivities can help students to understand complex and abstract scientific concept.


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