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Reflection on Session 2 (2 June)

Reflection on Mite 6323

While language is a socially constructed and conventialized mode of expression no corresponding single visual language exists ·
JOHN-STEINER, V. (1997). Notebooks of the Mind: Explorations in Thinking. New York: Oxford University Press

It is not how much information is there but rather how effectively it is arranged
Key Points from Tufte, 1990

Principles of information design are universals – like mathematics – and are not tied to unique features of a particular culture.
Key Points from Lester (2000)

I agree on those ideas very much. Physics concepts are always represented by picture and graphs. Serve concepts can be related into a concept map. In reading the picture, students not only learn the information, nut also learn the relationship. Visual display is usually more attractive than words. Students are more willing to read. It is also easier to remember. This visual aids in teach is not only make student easier to learn, but also necessary to make them to understand. People of any culture and language can understand those concepts. That means visual display is universal.

Task 1
What makes effective visual display?
£ Your task is to examine five visual display of same information. Select one that you think is the best. Prepare to justify your selection by developing arguments for effectiveness of that visual.

I think that the fifth one is the best.
Although all five pictures talk the same information, I do not focus on the information but the presentation of the information. When I look at those pictures, I will to try out which one can tell me the size of the giant squid? Where it lives? What it eats? , In mine first sight.
In the fifth picture, the pointing and align of the text is fit on the squid.
The size of the squid is well represented by the picture

Analyzing images makes you take long careful look. First image becomes part of your general knowledge. The more you know the more you see

Lester (2000 )


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Rommel, Good reflection. It would be great if you can support some of your arguments with evidences such as links to some useful web sites, or even just links ot images form a web sites. I am looking forward to seeing your visual representation from the task 2.

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