Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reflection on Session 3

Reflection on Session 3 . 9 June 2006

In this session, we have discussed about the power of new media. The media power of sharing information nowaday is not exclusive owned by TV or radio, but also makes use of new media such as internet. Everyone is virtually own a TV channel by Internet. Everyone can tell their own sotry, deliver their brielfy to the whoel world by Internet. We should remind that the new media may consist a lot of problems such as web bullying. The any part of session is making use of Photostory. We learnt how to use MS photo story 3 to make our own story to share with the others. It is a very user friendly application which is free of charge and it is very easy to use and we can produce a photo story easily and presented into different machine and media such as DVD, VCD and even to mobile phone.


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